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Ku Klux Klan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ku Klux Klan - Essay Example diverse Klan, an ethically upstanding and dishonestly denounced association/development, yet the two articles clearly uncover some revolting facts about the American culture previously, which continues frequenting the American culture until today †that the liberation of African Americans from servitude after the American Civil War didn't similarly liberated American culture from shading predisposition, rather, it revealed the significance of contempt history permeated among men because of shading. The article â€Å"The Golden Era of Indiana (1900-1941)† has ordinarily delineated the Ku Klux Klan as a monstrous association beginning in the South after the fall of the Confederate government, which objective has consistently been racial domination coordinated against African-Americans as well as even against other minority gatherings. It has delineated the Klan nearly as a clique of racial oppression (explicitly, White Caucasian) seeing itself a safeguard of the white lifestyle, which to the Klan is the total lifestyle, that it sees being compromised by the North’s abolitionist bondage battle solidified in Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 (America’s Reconstruction, 2003) †a demonstration to stop dark servitude, that the Klan’s devices of terrorizing, for example, lynching, shooting, cutting and whipping were to the Klan only a brave demonstration. Such profound disdain of the Klan against Blacks and Black supporters was clearly done by its participation, which was principally made out of the vanquished Confederate Army †the military which had been crushed and disappointed by the Blacks whose profound want for opportunity had been cleverly utilized by the North (Union) (Ibid), and was completely communicated in the Klan’s characterized triple center: (1) striking back at the administrative remaking government, which war’s point had become the liberation of the Blacks from subjugation †the monetary base of the South, (2) bringing the Black †who numerous southerners accepted were being enabled by the North (Union) to take

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There is a real danger of a house price bubble in London. Discuss Essay - 9

There is a genuine peril of a house value bubble in London. Examine - Essay Example At present, impacts of the air pocket cause disturbance in lodging and financial framework in London. The risk in lodging bubble is getting progressively famous because of variables encompassing the London economy. UK lodging bubble is request related with costs falling marginally in 2008 because of low requests (Economic Outlook, 2013, p.6). Recognizable proof of economy bubble is simple as opposed to convictions of numerous financial analysts. Indications of lodging bubble were clear in London more than two years prior. Longer than a year from that point forward, the costs have kept on rising creation the more excessively expensive to individuals. This stances numerous risks to those living or ready to live in London city, as the typical cost for basic items will likewise is insufferable. The house value bubble presumably influences all the divisions in London’s economy. Confinement of the impact of house value bubble has base in London alone now and different territories may encounter their own air pockets. Ascend in houses costs doesn't at present segregate area of the territory. It happens everywhere throughout the city. From the outset, one may think financial specialists have taken even the poor locales of the city because of significant expenses. Rate house costs increments in Brent and Lambeth were practically like those in Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster. The pace of value rice in London is over that in wherever in Britain and the ascent is predictable since 2003 while every single other factor changed somewhat. House value rise estimation is at 18 percent. In spite of the fact that the pace of increment has not arrived at tat of 2007, its general costs stay high than those in 2007. Building society has affirmed that t this rates are more noteworthy than they had been previously. The effect of high house costs influences the economy, which thusly cause low expectations for everyday comforts. High obligations numbers has macroeconomic effect that may cause downturn, which h as incredible impacts. The house costs in contrast with employees’ compensation draw out the impact clear. In the previous decade, pay rates payable to any

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How to Write a College Essay

How to Write a College EssayPreparing a high school or college essay can be very difficult and can make writing an essay even more difficult. Some reasons for writing a college essay could be to represent your thoughts on the subject, communicate something personal that you want to say, to write about a current event, present ideas, etc. It really depends on what you want to accomplish.Before you start creating an essay, you should decide what you want to say and how to say it. This will make it easier to write the essays when they are long. You may be able to compose one large essay for a long list of reasons but you may not be able to compile the topic into a single long sentence. One way to tell is if you use multiple points to make your argument or if you just want to speak in short sentences.Writing an essay can be time consuming because you have to gather information from many different sources and organize it properly. There are many things to consider. What is the topic? Is i t going to be published? Do you want to get an AB?Writing an essay is not something that you can go out and read a book and follow a great tip to help you with this. There is no one tip that will make it easier. You need to put your time and effort into learning the tips and tricks of the trade. An example would be reading through a book and finding out what works and what doesn't for different types of essays.Think of a unique theme to work on before you start doing research. Then you can start doing some brainstorming with friends or family members to gather ideas. Once you have some good ideas you can start to create them in a word processor. It will take you a little bit of time but eventually you will be able to create a great essay that fits the theme that you want to focus on.Find different people to ask and join in discussion with them about how they created their own essay. Your target audience may differ. Your target audience may be a high school student looking to write a n essay for an essay contest. They might be in college looking to develop a better writing style for their college experience.Research each topic or area that you want to write about before you begin writing. When you begin to research, you will be able to concentrate more on the topic that you want to write about. This will make it easier to write the essay. You will be able to get the information that you need before you begin writing. You can then begin to edit your essay as you go so that it is ready for publication and submission.No matter what reason you have for wanting to write a college essay, there is always a reason. They just need to be thought of and stated in order to produce a good, and effective essay. It is a personal choice for everyone to sit down and choose whether or not to write an essay. If it were up to me, I would write an essay just to write essays.

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What Does Depression Feel Like - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 693 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/04/15 Category Psychology Essay Level High school Tags: Depression Essay Did you like this example? No matter what youre thinking right now YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Many have been there before so there is no reason to be ashamed. If you are thinking of hurting yourself at this moment, call an emergency hotline. Youve probably read so many stories about people who have been through it and you think that youre expected to follow that model to get better. That doesnt always work. Its OK to read them, but understand that that is their experience, not yours. Everyone has a story, a path to where theyve been and where they are headed. Look ahead to find your next step. Its OK to only see one step at a time. Things will be revealed as you keep going. And, you must keep going because everyone has a purpose. Life has meaning. Maybe yours is to share your story, use a talent that you have or something else. You can only find your passion if you are here. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "What Does Depression Feel Like?" essay for you Create order I know that you may feel shame. Depression makes people may think: No one will understand I have responsibilities so I cant do this right now I cant tell anyone because it would ruin my life Im supposed to be the strong one I have to take care of someone else My spouse or children cant know I dont want to set a bad example Maybe he/she will leave me No one will understand A parent/leader is the strong one, I shouldnt need help I dont have insurance, how am I going to afford this? I cant lose my job, Im the only one who takes care of my family They will never stop bullying me No one will accept me the way that I really am Nobody loves me Im all alone This pain will never end I have no friends Someone abandoned me and its my fault No matter what I do, I dont fit in This is too stressful I have to get an A They say that they love me, but they dont I just want to cry all of the time I cant let anyone see I should feel lucky but I dont I have too many responsibilities Why is this happening to me? I have to escape If I had money I would be happier There are probably a hundred things that arent listed. If yours is different, know that it is just as important as all of the above. Nothing is more important than your life. Think of the people will be left behind. It doesnt feel like it, but you will get through this. Your death would destroy the people who are in your life. They want you to get help. You are not a burden to them. They truly care. The pieces will have to be picked up if you leave. Without you, nothing will ever be the same. Family and friends will be devastated. According to, People bereaved by the sudden death of a friend or family member are 65% more likely to attempt suicide. It doesnt feel like it, but you will get through this. Your death would destroy the people who are in your life. They want you to get help. You are not a burden to them. They truly care. Died by suicide rather than natural causes. In other words, your death will cause a trickle down effect. No one will ever be the same. Young, old, rich, poor, famous or not, no one is immune to this disease. When someone has cancer, we acknowledge it and treat it. Depression is as dangerous as cancer. It needs to be addressed and treated. That cant happen if you dont tell anyone. If you dont reach out, you cant grasp your future. There are many more that arent listed but each of those is equivalent to the ones above. Choose a person that you are comfortable with. Tell them they you need help. Have them help you seek a professional. If there is no access to one, call a hotline for referrals. There is a way for you to get better and improve your life. Take that first step.

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The Problem Of Fast Food Restaurant - 1309 Words

â€Å"It is true that fast food restaurant have a large contribution to America being ranked one of the most obese countries; however, we cannot blame every single fast food restaurant for this obesity.† This comes from the first assignment on â€Å"Do not blame the eater† As I wrote my first assignment which was a persuasive essay for English 1010 I had prior experience with this. This experience came from prepping for the ACT writing portion. I am able to properly make a stand point and argue. â€Å"Alternatives are present at varies food chains and at popular food chains. â€Å"But where, exactly, are consumers- particularly teenagers supposed to find alternatives?† Teenagers in this century are heavily controlled and impacted by media. They are easily able to find out what is in there food with a quick google search. Videos on social media on what is in our foods are easily shared and retweeted by millions of teenagers. Most teenagers are aware that McDona lds and Burger King are not the only sources of fast food.† I was fully able to quote and back up my quotes from the passage â€Å"Do not blame the eater†. Places like Subway, Jimmy Johns, and Panera Bread have quick food that tends to be healthier. While these restaurants tend to have a larger healthier food menu someone can find healthy food options at a restaurant like McDonalds. For example, I am a teenager who used social media to find a healthy food option at McDonalds. Quickly with a google search I found on what healthyShow MoreRelatedObesity in America: Fast Food Restaurants are NOT the Problem918 Words   |  4 PagesWith the continued growth of fast food restaurants, low priced food, and fast friendly service, these restaurants have become very appealing to the average consumer. With this increase in popularity, there has come many problems for these companies associated with the fast food industry. These stores are being blamed for the rise of o besity and other health issues in America; leading to many wanting a ban or probation on these fast food restaurants. The Government has stepped in on this issue andRead Moreproblem encounter by the fast food chain or restaurants11698 Words   |  47 PagesCHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM Introduction Problems are inevitable part of life. Each individual is facing many challenges or problems at different points of his/her life. These problems may help a person in different ways based on the perception of an individual or otherwise, may have negative impact on the person’s totality. According to Wikipedia, a problem is an obstacle, impediment, difficulty or challenge, or any situation that invites resolution; the resolution of which is recognized as a solutionRead MoreFast Food Restaurants Affected The Health Of Customers Essay1250 Words   |  5 PagesFast food restaurants raise a number of important issues related to health. In this paper it will be argued that fast food restaurants negatively impact the health of customers. The consumption contributes to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. However, the growing popularity of fast causal restaurants has made healthier options more popular. In the near future fast causal restaurants will either dominant the restaurant indu stry or the fast food restaurants will become more like fast casual restaurantsRead MoreFast Food Restaurants: A Detriment to the Health of Americans833 Words   |  4 Pagesthe have eaten regularly at fast food restaurants. As the obesity rate increases, the number of fast food restaurants goes up as well. Although it is not certain, many believe that obesity in the United States is correlated to eating fast food. Since the United States has the highest obesity rate out of any country, it is important for Americans to monitor the fast food industry that may be causing obesity. With the pressure to get things done in a timely manner, fast food became a big necessity. HoweverRead MoreFast Food Nation By Eric Shlosser1620 Words   |  7 PagesOne of the mayor problems in or society is the obesity derived from most of the time for the food on the go or â€Å"Fast Food.† This food can be prepare very quickly is sold at the restaurants and served to the costumer for takeout or t ake away. When people eat this food can have many consequences for this actions that can led like heart diseased diabetes, obesity, or heart problems and many more. This food also has become popular all over the world the topic about fast food can be see it and judgedRead MoreWhy More People Eat Fast Food Essay893 Words   |  4 PagesFast Food In our American society today where waking up early each morning to get ready for work has becoming a very huge part of our daily life, we realize that people are becoming more busy even to the point of becoming lazy since they barely have any time to cook for themselves or for their families and therefore, this has lead to the increasing number of fast food restaurants everywhere we go. Pick McDonalds, Subways and Wendy’s for example; there is no corner you will step that youRead MoreRelation Between Fast Food Restaurants and Obesity1195 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Fast Food Restaurants and Obesity Introduction The combination of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, two-income families with children, busy single professionals and the proliferation of fast food restaurants in recent years has created a perfect storm of obesity in the United States as well as a number of other countries. Further exacerbating the problem is the lack of nutrition and high levels of fat content in many fast food restaurant products, making their consumption a high-risk activityRead MoreFast Food And The Obesity Epidemic933 Words   |  4 PagesFast –food Industries are to be Blame for Obesity Visualize the world somewhere a school-age child can step out of his school and walk into a McDonalds. Fast-food causes an array of problems in your body. The food is often high in sugar, fat, and calories while providing very few nutrients. The obesity epidemic Americans face today is a growing problem that affects more than half of the population with growing body sizes and serious medical problems associated with obesity. It is a problem thatRead MoreHow Fast Food Has A Latent Function957 Words   |  4 PagesFor many years, people have turned to fast food restaurants to get food that is prepared and served very quickly. Without knowing that fast food has an unaware consequences. Furthermore, I grew up in a country where people cooked every day. However when I moved to the United States, the lifestyle that I knew changed. Due to my parents work schedules, it was easier to get fast food. But, I did not know that fast food has a latent effect. Using Functionalist Robert K. Merton idea that every activitiesRead MoreFast Food Never Forgives?1743 Words   |  7 PagesFast Food Never Forgives Throughout the 20th century, the United States grew to be a superpower. They won two world wars, overcame racial persecution, and spread capitalism around the world. Paralleling this success, fast food expanded exponentially and grew to control our nation. Today, the United States develops and evolves at the will of the fast food industry as it has grown to dominate the most powerful country on earth. From practically hiring children to caring about profit margins more than

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Book Review Of Peter And Jesus - 1155 Words

Chapter Nineteen STEPPING INTO ANOTHER’S CHAOS â€Å"Then Peter said, ‘Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.’ Taking him by the right hand, he helped him up, and instantly the man’s feet and ankles became strong. He jumped to his feet and began to walk. Then he went with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping, and praising God. When all the people saw him walking and praising God, they recognized him as the same man who used to sit begging at the temple gate called Beautiful, and they were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him† Acts 3:6-10 NIV It is amazing how God uses some small, insignificant encounter in our lives to bring a mighty†¦show more content†¦By this time it was already 10:00 a.m. The service had already started and we had an hour drive ahead of us. We had to hurry. I would be taken to the platform to preach as soon as we got there. In a split second, I went from feeling relaxed to a feeling of â€Å"Oh my!† We rushed to the car and my driver sped away. I had never been to the city or the church where they were taking me. I knew nothing about it or even how this last minute decision happened. I laughed inside as I contemplated how one goes from not speaking to speaking in the blink of an eye. I just smiled and asked the Lord to give me something to share. We arrived about an hour after the service had started. We walked into a church filled with a few hundred people. I was escorted up front and within a couple of minutes they gave me the microphone to preach. The Lord provided me a message to preach and at the conclusion of the message I invited people to come forward for ministry. Many came forward seeking a touch from God. The Holy Spirit moved in power as I prayed for the needs of the people. The broken hearted were healed and captives delivered from the grips of demons. After I had finished praying for the last person, some people approached me and asked if I would pray for a friend. I agreed and enquired about their friend’s need. They pointed to the other side of theShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Jesus Walking On Water And The Transfiguration Of Jesus1250 Words   |  5 PagesPaper 2: Matthew’s Editing of the Gospel according to Mark The two books of the Bible, Matthew and Mark are alike in many ways, they do tell some of the same stories. On the other hand, if one takes a closer look there are small changes to the stories that bring a whole new meaning to the way that the story is told. I will focus on the stories of Jesus walking on water and the transfiguration of Jesus. In this paper, I will review the changes that Matthew made to the Gospel according to Mark. I willRead MoreThe New Testament : Charles B. Hodge, Jr.1189 Words   |  5 Pages† Thus, I have taken Reverend Hodge’s declaration for the title of this review. He further explains his thesis of the importance of the cross: â€Å"Jesus could not save Himself and still be our Savior. There is no way but the cross.† The unique approach to teaching the New Testament – and Christs’ journey to Calvary – requires several readings, analysis, and return to biblical text. Summary According to the publisher, this book is designed for the non-Christian. And, as promised and based largely onRead MoreSign Miracles1483 Words   |  6 Pagesof Jesus There are four Gospels in the New Testament, and each seemingly written to a different audience base that show different aspects to deity. There are a total of 37 different miracles attributed to Jesus during his years of ministry on earth; although, there are only eight miracles detailed in the Gospel of John. John is considered to be more sectarian and exclusive than the other three gospels. This book was written to convey and convince all those who read it of the Deity of Jesus. TheRead More Is It the Author, or His Content? Essay1404 Words   |  6 PagesOrson Scott Card’s novel, Ender’s Game, has been the most popular science fiction novel since its release is 1985. While the book is essentially a fantasy, it contains a lot of scientific and philosophical information that are both manifest and latent. The issue that critics argue over may not necessarily refer to the plot of the book, but rather to its moral dynamics. In this literary analysis, we will analyze End er and his sibling’s relationship by referencing the Personality Development theoryRead MoreSummary Of Shusako Endo, Silence, New York : Taplinger Publishing825 Words   |  4 PagesBook Review of Shusako Endo, Silence, New York: Taplinger Publishing, 1890 1. The author’s purpose for using the title Silence for the book is three-fold. First, it represents the belief by both priest, Rodrigues and Ferreira, that God was silent during times of persecution when the Christians of Japan was being persecuted for not renouncing their faith. Why does God allow His believers to suffer vicious and horrendous persecution? Rodrigues questioned God on numerous occasions. The most heart-wrenchingRead MoreCross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World with Christ-Like Humility1119 Words   |  4 PagesDuane Elmer and is a work relevant to Christians who desire to serve others in a cross-cultural context. I. Servanthood Just as it is Gods nature to serve and because he sent his son Jesus as a servant, the Christian life is one of service in following the example set out by Jesus. Dr. Elmer states in his book that servanthood is witnessed in simple everyday events. But its complex because servanthood is culturally defined that is, serving must be sensitive to the cultural landscape while remainingRead MoreThe Master Plan of Evangelism Essay1635 Words   |  7 PagesLiberty Baptist Theological Seminary Book Review: The Master Plan of Evangelism Submitted to: Dr. Ebele Adioye In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course: Intercultural Communication and Engagement GLST 650 By: Anthony Ashoori ID # 86803 Date: July 6, 2014 Table of Contents Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Summary-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Read MoreTrinitarian Baptismal Formula1231 Words   |  5 Pagesintroduced in the Gospels when John the Baptist begins his ministry as the forerunner of Jesus Christ. Johns baptism was a baptism of repentance for Jews; he preached a simple message to the Jews that they were to repent of their sins in preparation for Kingdom of God and the coming of the Messiah. In Matthew 3:13-17, Jesus comes down to the Jordan River to be baptized by John. After being baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the SpiritRead MoreThe Bible That Can Give Us Direction1401 Words   |  6 Pagesthe end of all things is near. Fortunately, there are clues in the last book of the Bible that can give us direction and answers to the questions people are asking. There is a meaning to the apparently haphazard catastrophes that have been plaguing ou r planet. There is a divine plan which is revealed in the book of Revelation, and through these prophecies we can discover where these events are leading us. For centuries, the book of Revelation has been considered to be so mystical and filled with symbolsRead MoreThe Paper Is Centered On The Discussion Of The New Testament1657 Words   |  7 Pagesextended beyond historical situations† . Reviewing Epistolary Literature, as it relates to the New Testament â€Å"consists of twenty-one writings that display the formal features of a letter to varying degrees, along with letters embedded within other books. Since this literature was written primarily during the first century C.E., it mirrors the formal features of Hellenistic epistolary writing. Letter writing in Hellenism followed a stereotypical form: The Epistles were generally written in the form

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A Job of Interest-Free-Samples for

Questions: 1.Identify a job of interest. 2.Identify the transferable skills necessary for success in that area and the most important personal qualities or attributes required for this position. 3.Discuss this sector in terms of your personal aptitude and interests. 4.Discuss employment opportunities in this sector over the next few years. Answers: 1.The job of my interest is Marketing Manager who are responsible for handling the development, implementation and the execution of the different strategic marketing plans for the organisation. Along with this, the focus is on the attraction of potential customers and retaining all the existing ones as well. The tasks are evaluated to manage and coordinate the marketing activities with creative staffing, leading marketing research efforts to uncover the viability of current and other existing products. 2.The marketing managers have a great business leadership and marketing standards where they are responsible to work with executives to determine the budgets and the targets. The pricing and the development of the strategies is for the products and services which is based on proper guidance and the direction. The operations are based on coordinating with the marketing and creative staff, where the department looks on marketing managers. The skills of marketing manager are important to work in the environment where the tasks are creative, challenging. One needs to align towards the company strategic gals where the collaborative and hand-on measures are important for guiding the team to success. A proper development of the strategies and tactics is important for implementing the ideas to execution, with proper experimentation and paid acquisition channels. The experiments are related to the variety of productions of valuable and engaging content where the marketing manager can focus on identifying the target audience and devise the leading marketing channels that can engage, educate and motivate the young people (Block, 2016). The up-to-date with the latest trends and following the best practices in online marketing and measurement are effective to work on the better products and services. Here, the marketing manager is also responsible for using the market research appropriately and focus on planning with production of all the promotional materials and marketing campaigns. The marketing managers tend to establish better marketing goals based on the past performance and marketing the forecasts, where the current offerings comes up with new initiatives for the new products. It also includes the research and analysis of the market trends, where the demographics and pricing schedules are important for relevant information to form a better marketing strategy (Johnston et al., 2016). Some of the personal qualities or the attributes for the Marketing Manager are: The intimation or understanding of the traditional and emerging marketing channels. The better communication skills A proper ability to think in a creative manner and innovative form. The budget maintaining and management of the skills Proficient in the work Professional judgement and discretion which comes from the experience in the field Analytical skills to focus on the trends and the challenges. The familiarity is mainly to set with the latest trends and technologies in production, designing etc. 3.The job of marketing manager never seems to be handy to be carried out effectively by every individual. There are new technologies that come up daily and it becomes important for the manager to improvise them in the company. Along with this, they have to focus on using budgets which are allocated by the company that leads to the development and implementation to achieve organisational goals. The placement of advertisement is through the media approach where the face is for the increased expectation of strong analytical research and skills (Armstrong et al., 2014). In my personal view, I can work as a marketing manager as I have been very working with effective communication and better analytical skills. As per the analysis, I understand that it is important to focus on different trends and system analysis to improve the targeted market and efficiency to avoid any wasteful media buying and target of disinterested customers (Schwalbe, 2015). The personal interests are also related with coaching and leadership in a group, where on a personal level I have always been planning the trips and the management of money contribution done by each person. A trust, communication and effectively managing the things and how we should plan for any outing gets into my hand as it is important to focus on the requirement of each and every person and whether we will be able to cover some specific places in covered time limits or not. I have always managed my group in college and at work too, because that I focus on experiences of other travellers as well, who drop their ideas so that we come up with better experiences as well. A teamwork and proficiency has been my major motive where one needs to mark towards succeeding. It also includes a clear understanding of the marketing tools and objectives with the ability to map the competitive factors and the marketplace also relates to this. The departments are easy to understand the value and benefits which align to the needs and demands (Kelly et al., 2016). The marketing leaders tend to collaborate with the other departmental leaders in the organisation so that they are able to develop better marketing plans which completely align to the organisational goals as well. Here, the marketing standards are based on how the company messages and market the leaders to coordinate the message with leadership teams. The managers also need to promote the orientation in the department with promotion, and sharing the ideas of cooperation. The analysis is about how projects could be done in the short or the lon g-term format where the marketing standards are set to match with quick response to the social media opportunities and customer engagement. The approach of the marketing managers is manly in terms of the integrated and interconnected systems and how they tend to affect each other. The effectiveness is based on customer engagement and competing for the attention which means to deliver better services and information as per the wants. The marketing managers try to work on technology with creativity on tools that are best to deliver what consumers want (Hesselbarth et al., 2014). 4.The marketing manager has the ability to match as a marketing specialist, social media manager, handling the search engine optimisation and email marketing in an effective manner. The web content writer, web producer, product manager, marketing analyst and the advertising coordinator are some of the effective employment opportunities for the people who pursue as marketing managers (Kerzner, 2013). With this, there are possibility to improve public relations that will help the company goals to the public, through better press release, research and coordination from different events. The standards are set to match with creating interest for the products and services, where the estimate for the product are through direct mailing and internet advertisements. The sales managers tend to get a direct sales force and set goals that tend to enforce profit projections for the team and organisation. The market analysts and the other marketing conditions are based on potential sales of a produ ct which estimates the profitability, gathering of data as to who will buy the product and at what price (Bakker, 2014). Some of the people prefer to focus on the below options as a marketing manager: The advertising planner Market researcher Media buyer and planner Public relations officer Sales promotion and social media manager The business adviser and event manager Product manager UX manager The people can easily develop effective working skills with focus on communication and management so that the society is able to manage the budgets and stand on committees. Marketing is considered to be the core element of the organisation and so the opportunities exists in the private, public and the voluntary sector which range mainly from the financial consumer and information technology to not-for-profit organisations like charities and the local governments. The marketing degree helps in working over the ability to anticipate the customer demands and identify the targets of customer to effectively communicate (Amin et al., 2014). The exploration of the areas is through the customer behaviour and how the business management is able to match with the consumers use in IT and digital media impacts on marketing. To consider and work on different range of business skills, there is a need to include the ability to properly express the verbal and in-writing technologies, with advanced p lanning and strategic thinking. This will help in focusing on the ability to use ones own initiatives and think in a creative manner. The marketing careers are able to match the fields for people who like to strategize and identify the patterns and trends (Post, 2017). They are effective for approximating the needs of the products and services like monitoring the trends and developing a proper pricing and sales strategies according to the work with public relations and the product development References Amin, M., Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail, W., Zaleha Abdul Rasid, S. and Daverson Andrew Selemani, R., 2014. The impact of human resource management practices on performance: Evidence from a Public University.The TQM Journal,26(2), pp.125-142. Armstrong, M. and Taylor, S., 2014.Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers. Bakker, P., 2014. Mr. Gates returns: Curation, community management and other new roles for journalists.Journalism studies,15(5), pp.596-606. Block, P., 2016.The empowered manager: Positive political skills at work. John Wiley Sons. Hesselbarth, C. and Schaltegger, S., 2014. Educating change agents for sustainabilitylearnings from the first sustainability management master of business administration.Journal of cleaner production,62, pp.24-36. Johnston, M.W. and Marshall, G.W., 2016.Sales force management: Leadership, innovation, technology. Routledge. Kelly, S. and Kelly, C.S., 2016. Job description and selection criteria. Kerzner, H., 2013.Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley Sons. POST, P.O., 2017. Job Description.Employee Relations). Schwalbe, K., 2015.Information technology project management. Cengage Learning